I touched a moon rock!!!!!

May 6, 2015 2:02 pm By Dylan

It didn’t look like a moon rock. It was black and flat and sharp. Then mom said “It’s a volcanic rock,”. I thought she meant that it was just from an earth volcano. I said “Oh,” in a rather disappointed voice. But then she said that it was a moon volcano, which made it even cooler!

But, the result turned out great. Basically, I touched the moon!!!


  • Susan Camara says:

    That is so great, Dylan!! That must have been amazing.

  • Poppy says:

    What in the AMEL-MA-HEY??? You touched an actual rock from the actual moon? I thought the moon was made from green cheese. I have learned something today. THAT’S AWESOME!

  • Karole zanella says:

    Too bad they couldn’t just chip a little piece off. That’d be a great addition to your rock collection!

  • Arlen says:

    That’s cool! I’ve never touched a moon rock before, and I didn’t know that the moon had volcanoes. It would be really cool to touch one. Have a good trip! Where are you going next?

  • Manjula says:

    Hi, That’s great !

  • Dylan says:

    Hi Arlen! Thanks for commenting! We are in Nashville Tennessee right now. We went the zoo and it was really awesome. The best part was the jungle gym which had a lot of slides and a whole bunch of stairs that went up to the top of a little tower. And at the top was a REALLY big slide that was really great. Eli was a little scared to go on it but now he loves it. Take a look at this picture!


    On Thursday we are going to Memphis but it’s supposed to rain so I don’t think we will be staying more than 1 day. Pretty soon we will get to New Mexico where the houses are made of clay-ish stuff (I think it’s called adobe) and most of the roofs are flat because they don’t get any snow so they don’t need pointed roofs.

    Miss you!

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