Roadtrip Roadkill

May 18, 2015 11:49 am By Maggie

There’s no lack for animal carcasses on these highways. We’ve only been keeping track for the last couple of days, but this will be our continually updated tally of the roadkill we encounter.

1 Sheep
1 Bunny
1 Black Bear Cub
6 Deer
1 Possum
2 Raccoons
1 German Shepard
10 Armadillos
1 Turkey
2 Groundhogs
1 Skunk
Numerous unidentifiable animals.
So many tires.


  • Susan Camara says:


    Poor things! One German Shepherd?

  • Poppy says:

    In manlier times, much of that would have been dinner, although I’d pass on the armadillo, skunk and German Shephard (that’s sad).

  • Tino says:

    This is something that anyone who has been on a road trip have in common – Counting roadkill

  • Arlen & Titus says:

    That’s a lot of animals. It’s kind of scary. That was more than 27 animals, including the unidentifiable ones. We are guessing you’ve seen 70-100 by now. Have you seen any foxes or coyotes?
    Arlen & Titus

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