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June 2, 2015 5:55 pm By Maggie

We spent the last week staying with family (my cousin, Rick and his son Andrew). And on Sunday, visiting with Mark, Cheryl and their 2 (grown up) children Marissa & Nick (long time family friends who moved to Colorado a few years ago). What a week it’s been. How nice it was to see friendly and familiar faces. How comfortable we were made to feel in their homes. After almost a month of being on our own, it was great to be with loved ones.

Sidebar: we were very blessed to have Jake’s parents fly out last weekend and spend 3 days with us over Memorial Day – a total surprise for the kids and a great time. Not to mention Jake and I were able to go out on the first (and possibly only) date of the trip.

Being in Colorado for a couple of weeks now, we feel like we have arrived, and are (somewhat) settled in. We are driving less than an hour a day, sometimes just a few minutes to the park or the store. It’s been restorative. It’s been good. It seems too short. We’ll be heading back home by the end of the weekend and then after a few more stops to see friends (Chicago) and family (Michigan), we’ll be home and back to our normal routines.

Being past the halfway point, I’m really trying to appreciate the little moments that will be unreachable once we’re back.

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  • Poppy says:

    Jake and Mag and kids, we had an awesome time visiting you in Colorado! That was so much fun. We also CANNOT WAIT for you to come home!

    Poppy & Mimi

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