June 22, 2015 9:32 pm By Jake

There were few things sweeter on this trip than spending time with friends and family. And this stop (family) was no exception. We were welcomed with open arms into Rachael and Richard’s home, and we couldn’t have felt more at home. A restorative time after so much traveling, ample room to spread out with our brood, evening conversations over tea and provisions for the road.

You guys (if you’re reading — even if you aren’t reading) are the best. It was sad to say goodbye, but you know where to find us on your next road trip. And we’ve always got spare rooms with your name on them.

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  • Rachael says:

    Yes we are reading it! We loved having you and are so glad you enjoyed yourself. Saying goodbye was sad…. More than I thought it would be. I think having my east coast family here, in my home, made me feel so connected to all of you (even the ones who weren’t here). It was a short visit but with a lot of learning and connecting. And laughing. What else could anyone need?

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