Niagara Falls

June 23, 2015 8:25 pm By Jake

Niagara was our last stop before home, and having never been there, none of us knew what to expect. It exceeded our expectations. The area surrounding the falls is very touristy (we stayed on the Canadian side), it felt like a little Atlantic City at times, but the falls themselves overwhelmingly beautiful.

The first photo was the view from our room, and the second was the view from our room on the second day. A thick fog blanketed the entire area for hours, but lifted in enough time for us to get our eyes full. We spent time meandering around the perimeter, and took a cruise down below right up to the falls themselves. Incredible.


  • Poppy says:

    Love, love, love. You should make a hard copy book to include all entries in this blog & personal remembrances from each person (check your daily notes & prayer journals, etc.)

  • Karole zanella says:

    This road trip – what an amazing feat of imagination, planning, courage and endurance. You have done a wonderful thing.

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