Lost things

March 7, 2016 1:43 pm By Maggie

There’s a children’s book called Adele and Simon in America. The 2 main characters, who are from France, are traveling through America by train with their Aunt who lives in America. The book takes us on a beautiful journey throughout some of America’s most iconic places, and in each place, Simon (the little brother, who is perhaps 5 or 6), loses one of his possessions, much to the chagrin of his annoyed older sister. As the amount of losses increases, so does Adele’s frustration with Simon. A consistent refrain is “Oh, Simon, why are you always losing everything?!”

This is not unlike our journey. It all started with Eli’s brand new Camelbak drinking cup, which I don’t think made it past New Jersey (our first stop). Since then, we’ve all left things behind in one location or another. Some things have been minor (like an odd sock), some not so minor. Some have been a real problem or a real heartbreak to have lost. Many, we have figured out after we have left a certain place, and been able to have hotels or hosts ship them to us.

So, I’ll take a moment now to recount the lost and the found.

ItemĀ  Lost In.. Status
Eli’s camelbak drinking bottle New Jersey Gone
Dylan’s backpack (camera / books / swiss army knife, etc.) Nashville Mailed back to us in Colorado
My baseball cap (beloved) Santa Fe Mailed back to us in Colorado
My camelbak water bottle
Jake’s camelbak water bottle
Memphis (maybe) Gone
Dylan’s hiking hat and 1 walkie talkie Oklahoma City Mailed back to us in Colorado
Lucy’s drinking bottle ?? Gone
My wallet (2 bank cards & 1 license, that’s it) Louisville, CO Gone
Eli’s shoes Aurora CO to be mailed back, probably meet us in Chicago
Lucy’s shoes Aurora

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