Lehi, Utah

July 3, 2017 10:25 pm By Maggie

We headed north with the intention of visiting Bryce Canyon National Park. We went to a small town called Panguitch, Utah and stayed in a cute B&B for a night. We planned to visit Bryce the next day and spend a few days camping. But sometimes things don’t go the way you plan. Just as we were headed that way, the infamous “Brian Head Wildfire” was getting out of control. It had gone from 2500 acres the night we arrived, to over 5000 acres by the next day. Still a good 30 miles away but the smoke covered half the sky and ashes littered the air around us. It seemed like a good time to leave town. So, Bryce will have to wait for us. We hope to make it back someday.

Instead we went to Lehi, Utah; a growing city just south of Salt Lake. We parked ourselves there for a few days and made the most of an unplanned stop. We happened to be there at the time of the “Lehi Round Up,” an annual week-long celebration with all sorts of activities. We enjoyed the family days in the park, especially, with lots of fun things to do for the little ones (face painting, laser tag, wave running, etc.) and lots of long lines in which Jake and I waited to make activities easier for the kids.

On Sunday, we visited Alpine Bible Church, a small Christian church in the area. We were happy to have some great conversations, and make friends especially with Stacy Wall, the pastor’s wife, and their 2 children, Levi and Grayson. The next day we headed to Lehi’s Museum of Curiosity (a great children’s museum) and spent the afternoon having fun together.

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